Extra Strong Solid Hardwood Bed Slats, durable, robust, superior stren

Extra Strong Solid Hardwood Bed Slats, durable, robust, superior strength that won't collapse.


Extremely strong bed with very strong solid wood slats

Extra strong hardwood solid wood bed slats, heavy duty solid wood made by Abowed,  Finest UK Bed Maker


Abowed's heavy duty, durable solid wood bed slats, reinforced by the way of an jointed frame, our bed slats are super strong and will last a lifetime and surely won't collapse on you. Our well built sturdy bed frames come with a lifetime guarantee. Our artisan bed frame build quality is so great, we can confidently say they are all super strong and can withstand a lifetime of quality nights sleep, you will be investing in an Abowed Bed Frame to keep forever.

Our bed slats are made from solid hardwood, the image below is an example of one of our fine contemporary french style bed frames with beautiful hand wood turned posts, although the bed appears at a glance to be so fine and elegant, this bed frame is actually extremely strong and robost, durable enough to last a lifetime. This finer french style white bed frame has a pre-assembled solid hard wood slatted base which arrives to you ready made so there is no assembly needed for the base which means this slatted base is so much stronger than usual slats and also it comes with a slat central support mid rail on our double, king and super king size bed frames to give the base extra support. 

A bed frame needs to be a sturdy weight bearing piece of bedroom furniture, not just good visually, we  cover all angles not choosing for style over substance was important to us. We like to build proper strong beds at Abowed and only using quality hardwoods that arrive in their raw state to our workshop where the wood machining commences, check out our YouTube channel to see us machining the wood ready to start making hand crafted beds and see where the non glamourous bed making work begins !

All our loyal customers come to us at Abowed because they're wanting a very special bed and they don't mind investing in a bed of exceptional quality that will last many years to come, with no need to buy another bed again, saving you money in the long run and also respecting our planet. the wood beds that we make will be treasured and could be passed down as a family heirlooms helping to save our beautiful planet for future generations to come.


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We make all our strong bed slats in our workshop specially machined from solid hardwood boards.  Our ethos is to produce superior quality wooden beds that will last a lifetime, each bed is specially made for you.

Our bed frames need to be super strong. Our unique wooden bed bases that support your mattress have a central support rail with adjustable feet that sits just under the slats and it can be adjusted to suit your floor level underneath your bed to offer extra support to your slats. This support rail adjusts because sometimes floors are a little in level especially in older properties. 

We have a little insight below into the manufacturing process of us making our hardwood bed slats showing us using our robust traditional wood working machines making bed slats from the solid wood raw timber material, we also hand finish our wooden bed slats and round the edges so your beds super strong slatted base compliments your beautiful bed frame, although our beds are extremely stylish, we don't believe in style over substance, it's all about the superior quality of our hand crafted beds. The beds base must be super extra strong.