Pippy Oak Live Edge Bed

Pippy Oak Live Edge Bed

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Pippy Oak Bed, handmade by Abowed Beds

Pippy oak bed, by retaining the natural beauty of the wood, it was a pleasure to be asked to make this natural organic bed for our customer who wanted a very natural bed to furnish her barn conversion. The pippy oak board is non uniform in shape so we had to make the most of what we had to work with so as to preserve the character using the pippy oak boards natural shape.

Pippy Bur Oak Live Waney Edge Bed

Knots, splits and cracks add to the character. The bed was made by hand as we didn't want to over machine and finish the bed. The pippy oak used to make the headboard was found at the bottom of a pile of wood in our friends sawmill, it was as black as night it had been there so long. The pippy oak board was carefully cleaned up and brought back to life to be enjoyed.

Oak beds live edge pippy bur oak headboard, dramatic waney edge bed.

Our lovely customer had a bed design in mind, we're hoping she'll be be happy to send us some pictures once it's all set up and dressed with bedding, be really good to see.