Teddy In His Four Poster Bed

Teddy In His Four Poster Bed

We recently put a little time aside to take some photos of a new four poster bed, made recently in our bed and furniture workshop. It was a new model, the lovely  solid oak our poster bed frame, in the flame design, with the asymmetrical  curved posts that are really stunning and so modern and unusual.

Keen not to miss out on the opportunity of taking some pictures of our new four poster bed, as it turned out rather nice in the solid oak timber, the wood grain is really beautiful, the photos would come in very handy to extend our online four poster bed catalogue. 

Oak Four Poster Bed with teddy bear in it !

Everytime we produce a new bed that is slightly different to other beds we have made, we like to set them up and set the scene, adding a mattress, throw on a few pillows and a simple duvet so the bed looks snug and inviting.

Anyhow, we spent a few minutes taking a few snaps with the camera, hoping they would come in handy to extend our range of four poster beds in our online shop. Photos of beds are so useful to us and our customers.

 As soon as Chris and i had finished taking our pictures, we decided to nip in to the kitchen to make a quick cup of coffee, planning to have a break before starting the task of taking the new four poster bed apart.

We had a little break as you do, drank our coffee and on returning to the bedroom to take the bed apart, we could not believe our eyes. We found our little teddy bear, all wrapped up snuggly under the duvet, reading his favourite bedtime story!