White Chunky Planked Bed, white painted plank bed, whitewashed bed
White Plank Bed - simple white hardwood plain solid wood bed painted white

Simple Wooden White Planked Bed


 Plain Simple Quality White Hardwood Solid Plank Bed

Simple white planked bed with horizontal wooden planked headboard and foot board. Rustic plank bed design although with a modern approach having smooth texture, clean modern finish and made using a quality hardwood that paints up lovely and smooth.

This plain plank bed comes with solid hardwood slats that we make ourselves  which adds further to the quality of the bed. 

The bed posts are square, the beds side rails have a tenon at the end which slots into a mortice groove within the lower part of the bed post to the side rails and beds base is not relying just on the bed fixing which is a secret bolt that keeps the rail tightly sitting in the groove.  

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