Grand Oak King Size Plank Bed Zip Link Option
Solid oak modern plank zip link superior quality bed frame.
zip link oak bed frames shown unjoined
solid oak zip link bed frames shown unjioned
Example of a wall panel to go with zip and link bed base if a wall panel is prefered instead of a fixed headboard
King size bed frame to support a king size 150 x 200 mattress

Grand Oak King Size Plank Bed Zip Link Option


King Size Oak Zip & Link Bed Frame

Handmade in UK


Handmade king size, oak plank zip link bed. Consists of 2 x single bed frames pushed together. The bed frames are designed to support 2 x single mattresses 75 cm W x 200 cm L giving a total mattress coverage of a king size mattress when joined of 150 cm W X 200 cm L.

Twin beds that clip together by the way of a clip on the inside of the oak bed legs so they are unseen but very easy to access.

The solid oak headboard is made up of individual oak planks with a slights space in between each board. There's oak grain detail on the planks to add interest to the headboard. You have the option of adding a headboard of your own choice or maybe you prefer a wall panel which we can make for you.

The solid oak deep foot board is a lovely feature when you walk in the bedroom . The opposite end of the bed has a narrower board if you prefer to change these around so you have a slimmer panel at the foot end of the bed instead if you want to put your shoes and store items at the foot end of the bed as well as under the sides.

Simple oak bed design, extremely well made and very attractive the beauty is in its simplicity, having used quality materials and made this superior bed solid oak twin bed frame will last a lifetime.

Optional Zip King Size Bed Base. As you can see from the photos, the bed is shown with a twin set of slats, that's because the bed frame is shown as two single zip and link joined together bed frames which are single bed frames specially made to be pushed together to support a UK King Size mattress when clipped together, a UK King Size mattress is  FT W  bed frame when joined.  two singles when parted. This option has many benefits, they are useful if you are a couple and prefer to have two individual mattresses, perhaps one sleeper needs a firmer mattress than the other partner or maybe you are needing flexible sleeping in a guest bedroom and you would like to use the bed frame as twin beds as two singles.

Standard King Bed Base Option ( without zip and link) This option is available if you prefer not to have the bed frame as a zip and link, it would mean your foot board would be designed as one longer foot board. Just choose from the drop down menu your preferred bed frame type. We use the high grade European oak to make the attractive feature oak headboard and foot board , the side rails are solid oak. Every oak board is handpicked, especially on the headboard and foot board panels. We like to make the headboard look interesting and eye catching making the most of oak wood grain variations.

Solid Wood Bed Slats - We make our beds bases including the slats to ensure they are strong enough to last a lifetime. The King Size bed frame without zip and link option would have a central supporting mid rail under the slats for extra strength.

Strong Construction - All our wooden bed frames are made to last a lifetime. We use bolts and mortise and tenon joints for the construction.

Bed Finishing Options - We offer a wide range of wood finishing oil options along with different techniques of finishing your new bed. As all our beds are handmade, we offer a bespoke finishing service and are also happy to match up whenever we can.

The bed frame in the photo shown is a King Size.