Handmade Beds & Furniture.


Abowed furniture - designer and maker of traditional and contemporary furniture, being well known for our curved wooden four poster beds.

The wood we use to produce our modern four poster beds undergoes a skilled bending process in our workshop, hence our brand name ABOWED.

At a glance, our modern wooden four poster beds appear simple in design, due to their clean lines and minimalistic shape. When your contemporary new bed arrives, you will truly appreciate the quality of workmanship & experience involved in the making of your new bed that will last for many years to come.

We make a whole range of bedroom furniture, please take a moment to browse our online furniture shop , we have a selection of furniture to browse over including stylish four poster beds, handmade wardrobes and bedroom furniture which is all specially made by hand.

You can request a totally bespoke bed to be commissioned, as we work in a variety of timbers. We also offer you the choice to select your own paint colour & upholstery fabrics too.

Everything is made in our Abowed UK workshop - ensuring the highest quality every step of the way.